Smells Like Outrage

Smells Like Outrage

I vape. In fact, I was a fairly early adopter. I started back in April of 2010, and rarely smoked after I started vaping. 32 years after I took a puff from my first cigarette, I smoked my last cigarette in December of 2011. After so many failed attempts to quit, I finally do not desire to ever smoke again.

These days I make my own vape liquid. It’s pretty much flavorless with a very low nicotine level of 1mg/ml. The base is pure vegetable glycerine and since there are no added flavors, it is absolutely 100% impossible to smell my vape. I don’t use it very often, so filling my 7ml tank usually lasts me about 2 weeks. I keep it around mainly as a security blanket.

Of course these days the image of a person who vapes is the douchey looking chad producing a dense cloud of vapor that is rumored to be more toxic than mustard gas. OK, so maybe I do look like a douche, but my vape is actually quite harmless. I can’t say that around the vape haters though. People who deny studies proving anthropogenic climate change and that vaccines are overwhelmingly safe will quickly latch onto every last ill conceived study that claims vaping is somehow more dangerous than a roided up pitbull with rabies.

They are wrong of course, but thanks to the merchants of doubt, the outrage machines, and the completely fashionable politics of demonizing anything that vaguely resembles smoking, well… You end up with a lot of really bad disinformation that threatens the future of public health by convincing smokers they should stay right where they are, and be content in raising another generation of smokers.

Thankfully we let people vape where I work. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably still be going outside to smoke cigarettes on my breaks.



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