Puss Sucker Joe

Puss Sucker Joe lived in New York city. He had learned his trade from his father and still practiced it, even in these modern times. He knew all of the in’s and out’s of how to suck a boil clean of all it’s nasty puss and other ingredients. Joe was actually quite successful at this occupation. He received plenty of business by advertising online, getting referrals, and of course word of mouth advertising.

One day Joe received a call from a woman who had heard of his talents. She told Joe that she had a rather large boil and was in need of his services.

Joe informed the woman that he would be happy to help, and that his standard fee was $50.00. The woman agreed, set up an appointment, and gave directions to her home.

Upon arriving at the woman’s house, he told the woman to expose the boil, and he would take care of it posthaste.

The woman explained to Joe that the boil was in an extremely sensitive area of her body, about an inch below her crotch on the inner thigh.

Joe replied, “No problem, but that will be another $20.00”.

She agreed, but then told Joe that there might be another problem. She was in the middle of the heaviest part of her period.

Joe explained, “That’s OK too, but there will be an additional $30.00 fee.”

Again, she agreed, and Joe finally got down to performing his service.

Five minutes into sucking the boil dry, the woman couldn’t help herself and let loose a thunderous fart.

His mouth dripping with puss, Joe pulled away from his task and exclaimed, “What the hell, lady? Are you trying to make me sick?”

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  1. Billy B says:

    Nothing like sucking pus

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