Priming the Creativity Pump

Priming the Creativity Pump

Since I don’t have a publisher pressuring me to make consistently great comics, I can afford myself the liberty of making comics that I know very few can appreciate. It might not be the knee slapping hardy har har you were hoping for, but it is an honest reflection of something I’m feeling, and maybe some of you can relate.

One of life’s many difficulties is taking that first step in a chore, especially when you’ve had some time off. Sure there are some people who seem like they are always raring to go, but most of us follow Newton’s first law where an object remains at rest unless acted upon by a force. And since this is an unpaid hobby, the only force at work is my rather modest desire to make a nifty comic.

So this was just a warm-up. Tune in next week when Brandon will do slightly more than sigh while looking out the window.



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