Out to Lunch

Out to Lunch

So this is what I made from the charred remains of that unfortunate creation we didn’t get to see last week. Was last week’s strip that bad? Well, all I can say is that it sure as hell wasn’t good. I got so far as completing the panels, and I had a rough idea for the script, but then I realized it wasn’t going to work, and it clashed on many levels. The last minute filler was sprung, and everyone got on with their day.

This week’s comic is in keeping with the original concept of the current arc, so you’re not missing out on anything. Much of the art from the original strip was recycled, and the script was revised to something that could almost be mistaken for “humor”. If the joke falls flat, then blame the guy I stole it from.

So everything is back on track, and if it still sucks, well… then it still sucks. They can’t all be winners.



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