Mighty Russian Nimrods

Two Russian hunters chartered a small plane to fly them to Siberia to go bear hunting.

On landing, the pilot said, “Remember, this plane can only fly with two hunters, one pilot, and ONE bear.”

The hunters went out and returned with two bears.

Furious, the pilot said, “I told you ONE bear!”

But the hunters point out that the previous year, on payment of an extra 6000 rubles, the pilot had let them put their two bears on board. After a long heated discussion the pilot agreed to take the extra bear for 12000 rubles.

After the plane struggled into the air and fitfully flew for about two hours, it gave out and plummeted to the earth into a snowbank.

Climbing out from under the snow and dead bears, the hunters asked the pilot where he thought they were.

“I’m not entirely certain,” said the pilot, “but it looks like the same place we crashed last year.”

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