Merry Christmas 2014


Well, it’s been fun. We told a lot of jokes this year. Some better than others. Here’s a stinker for Christmas:
Three rednecks in Arkansas are out drinking and four wheeling on Christmas. They get drunk as a skunk, hit a tree, and all die and immediately go to heaven.
Saint Peter meets them at the Pearly Gates and tells them that unless they have something on their person that can correspond to the Christmas spirit, they’re doomed.
The first fella easily pulls out a set of keys and jingles them around & says, “These are the bells of Christmas!”
Saint Peter nods and says, “Enter!”
The second redneck looks a little panicked but pulls out a Bic lighter and says, flick “This is the Light of the World!”
Saint Peter says, “I see what you did there. Enter into your rest.”
The last fella is in a full on freak out, red faced and panicked. But the light bulb goes on and he reaches into his back pocket and produces a pair of women’s undies.
He looks pleased with himself and twirls them around on his finger.
Saint Peter says, “What in the world does this have to do with the Christmas spirit?”
The redneck replied, “These are Carol’s.”

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