Mephistopheles Game

A golfer in a competitive match needed to shave off a few strokes. The golfer said to himself, “I’d give anything to sink this next putt.”

A stranger walked up to him and whispered, “Would you give up a fourth of your sex life?”

The golfer thought the man was crazy and that his answer would be meaningless. At the same time he thought, what the heck? So he said to the stranger, “Okay,” and sank the putt.

Two holes later he mumbled to himself, “Boy, if I could only get an eagle on this hole.”

The same stranger moved to his side and said, “Would it be worth another fourth of your sex life?”

The golfer shrugged and said, “Sure,” and amazingly, he made an eagle.

On the final hole, the golfer needs yet another eagle to win. Though he says nothing, the stranger moved to his side and said, “Would you be willing to give up the rest of your sex life to win this match?”

The golfer said, “Absolutely!” He made the eagle and won the competition.

As the golfer walked to the club house, the stranger walked alongside and said, “You know, I have not been fair with you because you do not know who I am. For you see, I am the devil, and from now on you will have no sex life.”

“Nice to meet you, devil,” said the golfer. “And by the way, my name is Father O’Malley!”

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