Invisible Privilege

Invisible Privilege

At the risk of being called a “Fascinazisexisigot”, I thought I’d toss out this little ditty. It was inspired by the fact that several times throughout my work day, female coworkers ask me to lift heavy things for them. I don’t really mind, and our wages are openly dictated by position and seniority. Honestly, over half the women where I work actually make more money than I do because they have either been there longer, have a higher paying position, or both. Also keep in mind, I make higher than the mean pay where I work because I’ve been there for so long.

No, I don’t work in some egalitarian paradise either. It’s a manufacturing plant with a lot of heavy and dirty work. Though we get an equal number of applicants, men outnumber women by more than 4 to 1 because females don’t care for the heavy and dirty work that the job requires.

Sexual harassment claims are taken extremely seriously however, and management would sooner fire the falsely accused male than risk any sort of legal action taken by a female employee. I’ve seen it happen, and we males must walk on eggshells around certain individuals.

Seriously, if I rub another male coworker the wrong way, I just blow him off because “fuck that guy, am I right?” But if a female coworker has even the slightest beef with me, no matter how frivolous, I have to go into full damage control, and that’s a lot of worry and work. As a result, I’ve learned to be a “very sweet guy” who drops whatever he’s doing to help lift that heavy box whenever asked.



update Tuesday, June 4: Of course I showed this one to some of my coworkers including a couple of female coworkers who I’m friends with.

I was pleased by the fact that every person I showed it to had the following reaction: Firstly they would laugh, which is always a good sign. Then as they handed my phone back to me they remarked, “Ain’t that the truth.”

And yes, I have to physically show my coworkers my comic because if it ain’t on Facebook, they ain’t gonna see it… and I would sooner stick my dick in an angry hornet’s nest than to start using Facebook.

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