Heart Transplant

A wealthy man in need of a heart transplant asked his doctor if there were any hearts immediately available, considering that money was no object.

“I do have three hearts available,” said the doctor. “The first is from an 18-year old kid. He was a nonsmoker, athletic swimmer with a great diet. Sadly, he hit his head on the bottom of the swimming pool and died. It’s $100,000.

“The second is from a marathon runner. He was 24 years old, great condition, very strong. He got hit by a bus. It’s $150,000.

“The third is from a heavy drinking cigar smoker who was also a steak lover. It’s $500,000.”

“Why is that heart so expensive?” asked the patient. “It sounds like he lived a terrible life!”

“Sure,” said the doctor, “but it’s from a lawyer, and so it’s never been used.”

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