Johnny and his best friend Wade were fishing one day and Wade said “well Johnny i have 1 cigarette and 1 match, I’m going to smoke now.” Johnny nodded his head and Wade lit the match. Well as he lit it the wind blew and the match went out. Disgusted Wade said “now what am I supposed to do? That was my only match!” Johnny said “I have this.” And he pulled out a foot long lighter. Wade said “where did you get this lighter?” Johnny said “remember when I went use the bathroom behind them bushes? Well I tripped on a well and a genie popped out and said he will grant me 1 wish…” and before Johnny could finish Wade jumped up and ran for the bushes. Just like Johnny said he tripped on a well and the genie popped out and said “I will grant you one wish.” Wade with a big smile said “I want a million bucks!” The genie said “granted, return to your fishing and enjoy your wish.” After Wade returns Johnny asked “what did you wish for?” Wade said “a million bucks!” Johnny then said “oh no!” And covered his head. A few seconds later ducks started falling from the sky. After a million fell Wade said “what the fuck? That genie must have misheard me!” Johnny then said “do you really think I wished for a 12 inch bic?”

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