Dolly and Di

It just so happened that Princess Di and Dolly Parton stood before the gates of Heaven on the same day.

Saint Peter met them and told them that there was only one opening that day, so they needed to give their best reason why they should be admitted to Heaven.

Dolly opened her shirt to reveal her magnificent breasts and said, “Have you ever seen such a marvelous sight as these that God gave me? Surely these alone should be reason enough to admit me through these gates.”

Just then Princess Di pulled out a bottle of seltzer water, shook it, shoved it up her privates and let fly with the foaming water.

Saint Peter opened the gates and directed Princess Di to enter.

Dolly was incensed and said, “How could you let her enter before me? I show you these marvelous breasts, while she performed that obscene act!”

“Sorry Dolly,” said Saint Peter, “but a royal flush beats even the best pair any day.”

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