Dog Marks

A married man had hired a gorgeous secretary, and and after it was clear she was into him, he decided to “work late” one night and take this girl to dinner.

He called home to tell his wife he’d be late getting home. Without a hint of any concern, she replied, “okay, no problem.”

After dinner with the secretary, it was obvious that he was going to get lucky, so the two went back to her apartment and had “swinging from the chandelier” sex for two hours.

Afterwards, the man went into the bathroom to tidy his appearance when he noticed a huge hickey on his neck. He immediately fell into a state of panic, and he had no idea what he was going to tell his wife. Still he hurried home.

As he unlocked the front door, he heard the dog come barking and scratching at the door to greet him. He thought “Aha!” and entered the house, fell to the carpet and pretended to fight off the affectionate dog.

Holding his neck with one hand, he walked into the living room and exclaimed, “Honey! Look at what the dog did to my neck!”

To which she looked up, opened her blouse, and said, “That’s nothing, look at what he did to my tits!”

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