Describe Your Mom as a Bird

The teacher announced, “The topic of the day is describe your mother to me as a bird, and tell me why.”

She left the kiddies for a short while and then asked them their answers.

Kelly at the front went first, “My Mummy’s like a swan, because she’s white and elegant”

“Thank you Kelly” says teacher, and she continued going around the class.

Bobby said “My Mummy’s like a stork, cos she has babies and babies, and I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters.”

“Thank you Bobby,” said the teacher, and continued with the other students.

Finally there is no-one left but Little Johnny, so the teacher finally asked him, “Johnny, what bird most resembles your mother?”

Little Johnny piped up with “A thrush!”

The teacher, thinking she may finally have a decent answer asked, “Why is that?”

Little Johnny replied, “Because she’s an irritating bitch!”

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