Dealing with the Wife

Two married men were at the bar, the one looks at the clock and tells his friend, “I’m not looking forward to going home. My wife is going to chew me out again for being away drinking so late. Every time I’m out like this I try to sneak back home and into bed without waking her so she doesn’t know how late I’ve been out. I turn off the car and coast into the driveway. I take off my shoes and enter through the side door. I even get changed in the bathroom and then try to slip into bed unnoticed. But she always wakes up and then I have to stay awake and give appropriate answers for the next 30 minutes of angry lecture.”
“I never have that problem.” says the friend. “I roar into the driveway and bring the car to a screeching halt, slam the front door shut as I come in, throw open the bedroom door, jump in bed with her and slap her butt and say, ‘Guess who’s horny?!’ and then she pretends to be asleep.”


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