Dealing with the Deaf

Dealing with the Deaf

Hearing loss in adults can either be inherited from parents or acquired from illness, ototoxic drugs, exposure to loud noise, tumors, head injury, or the aging process.

It also seems like older adults don’t seem to mind the fact that they’ve lost their hearing, and they feel it’s the speaker’s fault for not finding the exact volume and vocal inflection when speaking to the hearing impaired.

I did find one thing that seems to help: Never raise your voice when they ask you to repeat what you said. In fact, if you stand a little closer, lower your voice slightly, and put a small gap between each word, they might be able to hear you a little better. Also keep it very concise. Too many words, and they’ll get upset with you for a different reason.

It takes a little practice, but once you get it down, you won’t keep having this irritating argument again and again.



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