Comrade and “Camp-anion”

Comrade and “Camp-anion”

Paul Lynde was a comedy god. It wasn’t just what he said, but how he said it. Although his private life was reportedly in shambles, his onscreen characters are forever endearing… but if you notice carefully, it was best when carefully measured out. Like salt, it adds flavor, but too much and the dish is ruined.

It seems that no comedy is complete without a camp character. While the PC crowd is probably waiting for the right moment to bring out their torches and shiny pitchforks, we can still see modern day examples of this trope in movies, plays, and TV shows… and yes, comics too.

So here’s to all the characters like Uncle Arther, Mr. Humphries, Ruby Rhod, and Mr. Chow. Their over-the-top personas can make you laugh yourself to tears.



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