Burnt Out

Burnt Out

This is kind of how I’m feeling about my job right now. I’m sick of the place. I’m sick of the lies that management gets away with. I know that is pretty much every place, but it was not always like this where I work, and that was one of the primary reasons I stayed there as long as I did. Back in the day, they were not like all the other places. Promises made, were promises kept. Now they are not anymore and I can find that kind of bullshit anywhere.

Seriously, I am trying to get a job delivering for Amazon. At least I would get to feel good knowing that my job is literally bringing people happiness. That and I would get plenty of fresh air and daylight. I am so sick of breathing dust, smoke, and plastic fumes inside a dismal factory.



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  1. Darin says:

    Trust me, You don’t want to be a delivery driver. I was a Fedex Delivery Driver for 2 years.. You wouldn’t like it.. People are dumb asses, and some can be very rude, and can ask some of the dumbest questions…Not to mention when you have to lift and carry a 100 pound box up a flight of stairs.. Not to mention fighting the traffic.. and I can give you a 1000 other reasons why… Thats why I got out of it….

    • f2x says:

      And that’s why I don’t order from C he wy anymore. To get their free delivery you have to order a ton of food, and those boxes are just too heavy for residential deliveries.

      But I have to get out of this factory. It’s not what it used to be, and it has gotten so much worse. The working conditions are rapidly deteriorating and OSHA could have a field day in there. Did I mention the hostility levels are off the charts as well? Point out an issue if you want a target on your back.

      I’m sensing the onset of their death throes.

  2. The Oldest Rater says:

    Dude, the verb is “roll”.  “Role” is a noun, like a role in a play.

    Don’t call me a grammar Nazi.  I’m part of the alt-Write.

    • f2x says:

      Finally! I was wondering WHEN you were going to catch that!

      Honestly it was a typo on my part that I caught the day after, but didn’t want to deprive you of the joy of rubbing it in. 😉

      • The Oldest Rater says:

        I caught it when I read it.  That’s not always right when it’s posted; with your irregular updates, I don’t check for new posts all that often any more.

  3. f2x says:

    I hear ya. I don’t even bother to check this place that often anymore, and I’m the owner.
    On the bright side, Darin has been supplying the jokes, and I’ve actually been posting comics for the past few weeks.
    But most importantly, Gail has been looking absolutely adorable for her photos.

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