A rather bookish young man goes into a whorehouse to seek entertainment.

He goes up to the madam and says, “Madam, I’d like a woman for the evening.”

The Madam says, “Sir, I’m afraid all the girls are taken tonight, but if you’d care to, I’m available.”

So the guy and the madam go into a bedroom and get undressed. As he takes off his clothes, she looks him over and she notices that, flaccid, he’s only two inches long. Just then the guy says, “Rise, Caesar!” And his erection grows to a full 12 inches.

They have a great time, and after about five hours the madam is very impressed. “Sir,” she says, “this has been one of the most pleasurable evenings of my life. I was wondering if you’d mind if I called the girls in so they could have a look at you. You’re really something special, you know.”

But the young man says, “No, madam, no. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

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