Brown Vs Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were in divorce court. The judge was trying to determine who should get custody of their only child, Joey. In his private chamber he interviewed the young lad and asked him, “So tell me Joey, would you like to live with your mama?”

“Oh no!” cried little Joey. “My mama beats me something terrible!”

“Well then,” continued the judge, “would you prefer to go live with your papa?”

“Oh no!” he cried again. “Papa beats me as bad as mama!”

“Well who would you like to live with?” asked the concerned judge.

“My aunt Martha. She’s my pa’s sister in Cleveland,” said Joey

“Well is there any chance she’d beat you as well?”

“Oh no!” exclaimed little Joey. “The Cleveland Browns never beat anybody!”

Seriously… After losing to Pittsburgh last night, they have an embarrassing 0-11 standing.

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