Attempts to Use Temps Part 4: Worst Impressions

Worst Impressions

So here’s a pro tip:

Say it’s your first day/week/month on the job. The people there seem nice and friendly. How do you play it? If your answer is anything but “nice and friendly”, you’re wrong.

If they start to play around with you a little, you can play a little too, but be very gentle. Never take an aggressive posture towards the natives who work there. You’ll frighten them, and they won’t like you, and if they don’t like you, you won’t be working there very long.

Now I hear you. “Nobody’s gonna tell me how I’ve gotta act around other people.” Fine, but other people don’t have to hire your shitty ass either. If you don’t play nicely with others, don’t act surprised when they kick your punk ass off the playground.

We’ve had more than a few “Jeromes” show up where I work, and I almost get the impression they are taking that “first day in prison” approach. That’s where you find the meanest, toughest looking inmate and sucker punch him. It’s a shitty tactic to prove your dominance so the others won’t mess with you, but listen, you are not in prison when you show up to a new job. That kind of behavior does not go over well with employers, so please don’t.



Sorry this comic was posted a couple days later than expected. My day job has been very hectic, and family first, so hobbies had to take the back burner again. It’s a good thing there’s a nice big buffer in the joke queue right now.

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