Attempts to Use Temps Part 2: Some Problems Take Care of Themselves

Attempts to Use Temps Part 2: Some Problems Take Care of Themselves

Today’s temp is one of my favorites. While there are several varieties, the main feature is that they are gone within the first 4 hours. Sometimes they just “ghost” you during their break, otherwise it’s an emergency situation they learned about through their cell phone.

It amazes me how many people have personal emergencies on their first day of work. When I consider how many of my long time coworkers experience personal emergencies at work, and compare it to how many first day temps experience personal emergencies… Well, the disparity is enough to set off a bullshit detector from across town.

Oh, and another one of my favorites: “Is it OK if I go out to my car?” It’ll be the last time you ever see them again.

Of course, the first few times this happened to me it was a little distressing, but I really came to appreciate these “day one ditchers”. They are so much more pleasant than the ones that overstay their welcome.

On a slightly different note, I’m trying a slightly different look. Did you spot it? There aren’t any borders on the speech bubbles. I don’t have any fancy speech bubble software, so I’m actually kind of jealous of the way some of the other comic’s speech bubbles look. I mean, theirs is just so smooth and crisp. Then I look at my jagged sawtoothed attempts, and I feel a little embarrassed.

So anyway, I was looking at some other comics on the internet. Quite a few don’t bother with the bubble at all, but then I noticed one of them lacked the black line around the balloon. It suddenly dawned on me how lowering the contrast can have a smoothing effect without creating any blurring like my feeble antialiasing attempts would. And while there was a little bit of a learning curve, it actually isn’t any harder to do it this way.

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