A Shot of Whiskey

shotglassA man staggered into a bar. As he was about to sit down, he said, “Give me a shot of whiskey.”
The bartender replied, “No way. You’re too drunk as it is!”
The man staggered back to the mens room and went in. A few moments later he came back out and went back up to the bar, “Bartender, give me a shot of whiskey!”
“I already told you, no! You’re already too drunk to serve,” replied the barman.
Irritated, the man clumsily walked out the front door, stumbled around the building, came back in through the back door, and made his way up to the bar.
“How about you give me a shot of whiskey, if you please,” the drunk man said.
In a frustrated tone, the bartender said, “No, you’re too drunk for me to serve you.”
Disheartened, the drunk replied, “I think you’re right. The last two places I went into told me the same thing.”

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