A Few Random Jokes

A six year-old girl walks into the bathroom as her dad is getting out of the shower.

“Daddy, what’s that?” she asks, pointing up.

“Well, it’s a penis” he replies.

“A penis? When am I going to get one of those?”

“Just as soon as your mother leaves for work.”

Guy picks up a hooker and once at the hotel, starts to fuck. He screams in agony as he pulls his cock out. “What the fuck…” he say “it feels like fucking two rocks”.

The hooker stands up “Oh I am so sorry..” and goes to the bathroom. She comes back and lays on the bed “Try that again Sugar” she says.

He does and it is the smoothest warmest pussy he has ever felt. While dressing he asks “That was a rough start but damn it was incredible. What did you do?”

She smiled and replied “I just picked the scabs.”

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