Why Wasn’t I Updating?


Basically I don’t have to. There isn’t anyone getting payed to do this, so no one’s going to get fired if I take an extended vacation.

A long time ago I used to be active in the webcomic’s scene… OK, I just posted in a forum devoted to webcomics, acting like I actually had some kind of talent, but I digress. Since then, a lot of the struggling webcomics like mine are gone. Many of their domains expired, and they ended up in the hands of those weird spammy Asians who think they can make a buck off it somehow. Occasionally I think about those webcomics. Some of them were pretty good too. Maybe they were a bit too weird to ever get a wide audience, but these people put their hearts into something they thought they could do, and now they are gone. It kind of makes me sad.

So even if I never post another update again, I’ve kind of vowed that no one else is ever, ever, going to take over my domain (unless they offer me a lot of money), and since it’s mine, I may just get something out of it by posting my jokes and comics when the mood moves me. Today it moved me.

Like the movie, “Rubber”, this site is an homage to the “no reason“. Why do I do this? Absolutely no fucking reason.

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