Did I mention I got a promotion at work? Oh wait, yeah… I think we’ve covered that already. Sorry, just had to say it again to make it a running gag.

For those who follow the characters, Newt wears glasses. I don’t know why I never put them on him before. In my mind, he wore glasses, but I just never depicted them until now. On the other hand, Ben has always been depicted as wearing shades, That’s because the “real life” Ben wore Transitions lenses that never seemed to fully lighten up indoors.

Back to the topic, Brandon’s job is IT and not data entry. While it’s no surprise that the Newt would ask, it’s probably no surprise that Brandon would turn down the “opportunity” to work. He’s salaried, and there’s nothing in it for him.

Oh, and BTW, they did ask me to fill in on my old position at work this weekend. Of course I said “yes”. I’m not stupid. I’m hourly, and that means time and a half!



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