The Invitation


So yes, I’ve got an Ello account, and I have no idea what it’s good for. Here it is:

As I skimmed through the other users, it would seem that the vast majority are identifying themselves as “graphic designer”. Yeah… It feels like I’m in a room full of people drinking the most pretentious sounding beverages at Starbucks, and I’m standing there with a used styrofoam cup half full of a tepid watered down generic instant coffee.

Personally I get the impression that this site isn’t going to be a Facebook killer. Honestly I doubt it will become as popular as MySpace. People will sign up out of curiosity , post a few things, promptly forget about it, but not before they blog about how awful the experience was.

So maybe that’s what Ello is good for: Unifying the internet in proclaiming how bad it sucks.

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