The Daily Visitor Count is Way Down

The Daily Visitor Count is Way Down

So yeah, the numbers have been pretty shitty for a while. The typical day sees only about 20 unique visitors, and when I look up the IP addresses, they belong to server farms, network security firms, marketing firms, and other site crawlers that are obviously not human visitors. A couple times in the past month, the numbers spiked to over 30 unique IP addresses, so that brought the daily average up to 24 over the past 30 days.

Of course it would be nice if I could get real people to visit this site, but most internet users are confining themselves to the walled gardens of “social media”, and since I’m not going to go there, well… here we are.

So yeah, there’s probably about 3 people the world over who regularly visit Flush Twice. Honestly, I don’t mind having such a small audience. Sure it would have been nice to have a huge following like Jim Davis or Bil Keane. Of course it would great to have the internet traffic on par with Google, but it’s not going to happen.

Even if I had every joke ever told, comics that looked as polished as a Studio Ghibli production, and a site design envisioned by Frank Lloyd Wright himself, I’d still have 24 unique IP address a day… Because I’m not the person that everyone wants to hang out with. I’m the guy driving the car filled with people who are frantically texting other people they’d rather be hanging out with.



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