The Bestest Idea Evar

The Bestest Idea Evar

Oh no! My WordPress install is posting the comics daily instead of only on Saturday. Now I’m going to have to make more comics just to keep up!

Actually I’m just messing around this week. Had a hair up my butt, and felt like making a bunch of Seinfeldian strips.

Anyhoo, I’ll wrap this up tomorrow.



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  1. The oldest rater says:

    Just wondering how much of these comics were boilerplate characters/poses, requiring little more than speech bubbles.

    It doesn’t matter how trivial the effort was (thinking “stare dad” comix). What matters is that it’s FUNNY.

  2. f2x says:

    Let’s be real. Speech bubbles are practically an art in and of themselves. The script needs constant tweaking to fit into the allocated space, the balloons and tails have to fit around the scene without covering the important stuff, and you have to make sure there is no ambiguity with the order in which they are read. This is actually trickier than it looks!

    Sometimes, like yesterday’s strip, I’ll copy-paste a character like Brandon in the first and third panel, and Dewey in the last two panels. That is definitely a boilerplate move, but it was a script that did not require a lot of expression past “relaxed” and “deadpan”.

    Technically, it has all been boilerplate since around 2005. I was originally drawing stick figure comics, but when the characters “evolved” I started making and using templates (from scratch) that contained various torsos, arms, legs, heads, faces, and hair. This practice became even more pronounced back in 2011 when the characters started using actual hands and feet.

    Like a paper doll, each character needs to be “assembled” before use. It is a fairly straight forward process, though surprisingly time consuming. Certain things can require blending or non-trivial modifications to achieve the right appearance, and I also do a lot of behind-the-scenes template editing too, but this is a system geared to achieve a clean standardized look.

    And I’m very much aware that my method has some excruciatingly obvious limitations, but hey, this is a hobby, and I’m trying to have fun with it.



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