That Old Ball Bearing Gag (Again!)

That Old Ball Bearing Gag (Again!)

OK, if you’re just tuning in, this is my take on an old Army joke about placing a private in a an empty room with three ball bearings. This is also the second time I’ve created this particular comic. The first time was nearly nine years ago.

I decided to remake this comic for two reasons: First, the original happens to be one of my most frequently visited comics. The second reason is because when I look back at my older work, I think “Jumping Jesus! What was I thinking putting that out there?! That comic looks like shit!” If people are going to see my old work, they’d also better see what kind of work I’m doing now.

No really, looking back is kind of painful and kind of embarrassing. I honestly think I saw things differently back then because whenever I finish making a comic I’m usually telling myself, “Oh yeah… That looks good!” Looking back I wonder how I could ever say that. Maybe I have a brain defect that mutates over time. I wonder if this will affect how I will see my current work in the decades to come.

Conversely, I like my own writing regardless of when it was written… but the artwork? Most of the old art sucks. The first 26 panels were pretty good though.



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2 Responses to That Old Ball Bearing Gag (Again!)

  1. The oldest rater says:

    Meh… 2 different styles. Neither sucks IMO. BDUs obviously have evolved with the times.

    But you could have used spell check, because “explanation” only has one “i”.

    • f2x says:

      Thanks for catching that. My bitmap editor was last built back in September of 1997 and sadly does not have a spell check. I’m surprised I don’t make more spelling errors than I already do. You may have to clear your browser’s image cache to see the spelling correction.

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