Somebody, Hit the Reset

Somebody, Hit the Reset

So yeah… I’m taking the “art” in a new direction. The comic got a new name as well. I own, so I figured what the hell. I originally used it as a personal blog, but then it turned into a collection of old family recipes. It’s an ongoing identity crisis.

So back to the new look: So whadja think? Just kidding. I’ve abandoned giving a shit about how randos on the internet feel about my work.

For 15 years I tried to craft a genuinely unique art style that went largely unnoticed. That “look” required a lot of extra effort, and it was almost always mistook for badly rendered 3D. No one “got” it.

Fortunately, my characters’ “2D” appearances are easier to work with. It’s just line art. No need to blend things or worry about contrast issues. Hell, until I know where I’m actually going with this, I’m not even going to bother with the backgrounds.

I should also mention that I’m not going to bother with adding new jokes for a while. What little material I’m getting is just not worth it. Trust me; it’s for the best. Glenn keeps recycling the same jokes over and over and over. We’re better off just leaving the site on “Random” for now.

So that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you didn’t find the new look too offputting.



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2 Responses to Somebody, Hit the Reset

  1. The Oldest Rater says:

    Che sera, sera.

    If I had any energy left over from everything else, I’d try to scare up some jokes for ya. But I really don’t.

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