Self Conscious Esteem

Self Conscious Esteem

On the backend of any decently maintained site, there is usually a stat-counter. It acts as a kind of metric that site maintainers can use to determine if the content being presented is actually reaching anyone. When I first started Flush Twice, it was not uncommon to get thousands of hits every day on a webserver running in my basement. Of course this was before Facebook and Smartphones ruled the internet. With fewer options available on the internet, just being one of the options was essentially good enough.

That’s not how it works today. Getting thousands of uniques per day generally requires a lot of promotion and market tested content. It’s not likely for anyone to succeed merely because they made a cool website.

Keep in mind that success means different things to different people, but since I’m not tying to make any money from this, success is measured by the number of visitors who regularly come to the site because they either like the jokes, the comic, or both.

But the thing is, even though I keep filtering more and more bots out of my stats, there are still more and more visitors. I’m reluctantly starting to reach the conclusion that Flush Twice might finally be something even I can consider a success.

Thank you and Pax,


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