Sadistic Delights

Sadistic Delights

As a manager, Newt loves power. Even more, he loves exerting that power over others. Maybe that guy had it coming, but at the end of the day, Newt enjoys it when he can make someone else’s life completely miserable.

And we also met Herman… A one-off character that will probably never be seen again. So in a way you probably are witnessing a firing, but who knows… Maybe he and Ben will go out for breakfast sometime.

Now that I’m getting older… much older… this has become an increasing fear for me. I’ve been employed at the same company for over 20 years. It’ll be another 22 before I can retire. It would be extra shitty if the company handed me the sack with less than 5 years to go.

I’m not saying that companies shouldn’t be allowed to fire people. Sometimes it’s necessary. I just think that when they shitcan somebody who has demonstrated loyalty and commitment for the sake of convenience, then that’s pretty deplorable.



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