Pride and Pleading

Pride and Pleading

Well it’s a done deal then. I’m leaving my job of 23 years, and Friday is my last day. I start my new job working for another manufacturing plant next Monday. After a few weeks of orientating, I will be moving to 3rd shift. I have so very much missed those hours, and now I can finally have them again.

“Wait a second! What happened with that delivery job you said you had?”

Oh, that… Well, yeah… I suppose I better call them tomorrow and let them know I won’t be taking that position after all.

After I got the delivery job, I was contacted by a headhunter who found my resume on the internet job site I was using, and he connected me to a nearby company that was right up my alley. My new job will combine the experience of my last two jobs, plus MORE PAY. Oh, and they also have a retirement plan, insurance, and vacation benefits.

It looks like somebody up there is still looking out for me.



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