Potty Pals

Let’s try this again…

In spite of me being sick as a dog (more on that tomorrow), I’ve decided to go ahead with my plan to make new “Pathos” comics on Saturdays. I haven’t really had time to build up any panels, but hopefully inspiration will hit me before next Saturday.

I’m currently creating Brandon’s workplace in a 3D engine. It’s not based on a particular building. I’m just drawing from my limited experience. Whilst gliding through the 3D environment, the strangest thing dawned on me. Every floor of a commercial high-rise dedicates a not-insignificant portion of floor-space to the loo. What’s more, they always seem to have been designed with the intention of making the self-aware feel awkward and uncomfortable.

For fun, I decided to see if I could combine all the worst features while keeping it real. So basically the three urinals have no partitions, the commodes have partitions with huge gaps. The sinks are across from the stalls so you can watch people pissing behind you in the mirror, and to top it all, it’s a “shotgun-shitter” with a door-less entry at both ends. If you design restrooms like this in real life, Fuck You.


Here’s the security cam footage from this monstrosity. I’ve shat in worse places, but this is upper-class psychopathy to remind you that your place is not in the executive washroom.

As an equal opportunity offender, I made the “ladies room” essentially the same but with more commode.



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