Panic Word

Panic Word

So what do I want to talk about this week? The situation the comic portrays, or the technical aspects of the comic? Hmmm… Let’s get technical first, and then touch on the /etc/motd.

Let’s be honest. If the comic ever starts to look like it was created by an artist with any sort of clue, I’m still an insufferable hack. I frequently avoid creating comics that I don’t have any idea how to illustrate. It’s that old familiar monologue asking: “How am I supposed to draw this?”

While it may not look it, today’s deceptively simple looking comic was pushing me out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t until I was well into the process when I remembered why I was avoiding this. In the end, I liked how it turned out. It’s passable, almost readable, and I’m glad I made it, but having to go back to the drawing board halfway through the process to reinvent the wheel was a bit frustrating.

I’m sure if you stare at it long enough, you’ll still be able to find a whole treasure trove of things I could have done better, but this version is a major improvement over my original attempt where I could not figure out how to use perspective.

As for the joke, I think anyone with one of these smart speakers can relate. Not making this up, I had my echo dot playing a radio station, a commercial came on that used the wake word, and she fucking responded to her own speaker.

I love being able to play music, get weather reports, and turn lights on and off with my voice, but these talking decision trees have a long way to go before they’re intelligent enough to actually take over the world.



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