Hurtful Things

Sorry Snowflake

Some egos become far too fragile when they are grossly enlarged. The real danger is the actual harm they cause other people over their perceived harm. These vindictive harpies tend to seek out “white knights” to teach their detractors a lesson. The best course of action isn’t to encourage their behavior, but unfortunately our PC society does just that, and we end up with an even uglier duck faced shrew that only serves to make the rest of society a more miserable place.

And your best defense? Stay away from social media, especially Facebook. That shithole is brimming with narcissistic parasites.

In other news

I’m almost certain that this week’s comic passes the Bechdel-Wallace test with flying colors. This comic has (1) at least two (named) women in it, (2) who talk to each other, (3) about something besides a man. I’m sure some goalpost moving SJW out there will take exception to that claim, but I thought I pulled it off pretty good.



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