Getting It All Back

Getting It All Back
No matter their present rank, every person who’s ever been in the military has been smoked. They euphemistically call it “corrective training”. Basically they make you do calisthenics till you puke. Push ups, flutter kicks, iron Mike’s, and many, many other incredibly simple exercises that become excruciatingly painful in a short period of time. If that’s not bad enough they are performed while your superior berates you for being a twat. It’s remarkably effective, and no one ever hits you or causes you actual physical harm. When it’s over, usually all is forgiven, and you fall back in line and carry on, lesson learned.

Of course I have my full Honorable Discharge, and my military days are very much over now, but I decided the stories would be more interesting if Tyler aka PFC Knaw were back in uniform.

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