From Thinking It’s Bad, to Knowing It

From Thinking It’s Bad, to Knowing It

If you’re late to the party, the story arc began on December 2nd. A quick recap: Newt brought in a new guy to do IT work. Brandon thought he would get to be in charge, but both Newt and Marshal corrected him. When he went to Alexis, she explained that she couldn’t really interfere, and Brandon went off at the mouth about having slept with her for nothing. Of course Alexis got really pissed, threw Brandon out of her office, and slammed the door.

So now that Birdie is on the scene, just how much worse is it going to get for Brandon? We’ll find out January 6, 2018!

What? Did he he say January 6? But that’s three weeks away!”

Holiday Hiatus

I just want to be up front about this. Next Saturday will be the Christmas promotional and the following Saturday will be the New Year promotional. Yeah, yeah… It’s trite, but it’s tradition. The Jokes and Sunday Rant are unaffected.



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