Ben’s Checkup

Ben’s Checkup

After Brandon’s smart response last week I felt it was Ben’s turn to mess back.

Here’s the thing, the average American life span is actually decreasing. Personally I think it’s intentional. The quality and nutritional value of the food, the increasing difficulty to get decent and timely medical care, and people working longer and longer hours at work are reducing the life expectancy so that you don’t have a bunch of useless old people sitting around sucking down social security and medicaid. Oh and they’re raising the age at which you even qualify for these benefits because they still spout the ol’ “people are living longer” bullshit.

Yeah, yeah… I know they’re currently blaming the decreasing lifespan on the opioid epidemic, but that’s political handwaving. 2.5 million deaths every year in the US suggest that people aren’t living as long for a variety of reasons, and the forty-thousand opioid deaths (1.6%) each year are only a drop in the bucket when nearly ninety-thousand die from alcohol use each year.

Believe whatever fake news you want, I guess.



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