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I’ve actually been working on the set more than anything. I added actual double hung windows along with window blinds. In the actual house, I have window shades and curtains, but I couldn’t figure out how to make curtains, and the shades looked all wrong as well.

Oh, did I mention that the house in the comic is actually modeled after my own house? Yup… That chair that Brandon is sitting in is actually a faux leather computer chair, but everything else is fairly accurate. Now that the real house has finally been painted, life imitates art. Both Brandon’s house, and my house are blue, but to be honest, I always wanted a blue house since I was a kid, so that’s why.

I suppose it’s generally considered bad form to use 3D software for a comic. Aside from the mentality that “It’s cheating”, I’m guessing it’s also because they tend to fall into the “uncanny valley”. The characters themselves usually look like something out of a video game and lack real expression, while the speech bubbles look especially out of place.  I’ve tried pretty hard to make sure mine doesn’t look like that, and I’m always looking to improve.

Not to ruin the “magic”, but the sets are carefully selected screen shots from a 3D engine, and the characters themselves are just cleverly designed 2D bitmaps pasted into the scene. I actually “cut out” the desk and paste it back in on top of Dewey and Brandon’s legs so it feels like they are part of the set. I think the result is fairly seamless, but it’s a lot of tedious work.

Oh, BTW: I’m still working on my female characters. They will be back soon, and I plan to make them more realistic in terms of their personalities so they can pass a Bechdel test. I’m also bringing back Tyler’s old flame, “Toni”. Toni hasn’t been seen since 2005 when I abandoned an ill fated pregnancy story arc. She’s actually looking pretty good. Here’s how the interview went:


Who knows… I may give these three their own story arc down the road.

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