And the Worst Part of It Is…

And the Worst Part of It Is…

Seriously, at this point I just want scream. The Panda Express drive thru is hopelessly packed, and all the little Chinese mom & pop establishments are closed.

The government needs to stop trying to protect the bulk of the Trump voting base from the virus that seeming targets their demographic. They need to open everything back up and tell everyone to go back to school, to work, to church, and hopefully they can spread that virus around really good.

Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.

And who cares if it may leave life long damage to the vital organs of the survivors. It’ll give ’em all a good story to tell the grand kids… if they can even live that long. My point is, you can’t just keep everyone cooped up for the next year and a half, hoping you’re going to pull a vaccine out of your ass.



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