So here is the motely crew that is Flush Twice. From left to right you have SSG Bromite, Tyler, Dewey, Ben, Brandon, Clif, and Newt. Not pictured: Birdie and Alexis.

So here is the motley crew that is Flush Twice. From left to right you have SSG Bromite, Tyler, Dewey, Ben, Brandon, Clif, and Newt. Not pictured: Birdie and Alexis.

(Note: This page is in the process of being deprecated. In other words, I’m slowly replacing the single overview page with individual character profile pages.)

Like every hysterically bad webcomic, I’ve decided to insult my viewers’ intelligence by posting a page devoted to explaining each character. Congratulations. You are the first and only person to have ever clicked here.

First up,  there’s Brandon. He’s the brown haired, brown eyed guy wearing the red shirt. He works in the IT department of a multinational corporation. He’s got a house with two roommates, his significant other is his boss, and like most people, he’s not really that interesting.

Next up is Dewey. He’s the blond haired, blue eyed guy in the green shirt. Dewey’s one of Brandon’s roommates. He works as an assistant manager at a burger joint, and aspires to be a great chef in spite of his inability to prepare anything that would be considered edible. His love interest is Roberta (Birdie).

Tyler is the green eyed snarky little dishwater blond who joined the Army Reserves. He lives with Brandon and Dewey. He’s a borderline sociopath, but he tries to be a good guy. He used to have a love interest, but they fought a lot, and I didn’t like her character so I just stopped including her in anymore comics.

Alexis is Brandon’s love interest and boss. She has black hair and green eyes. She runs the local branch of a multinational corporation. Alexis is also a long time friend of Birdie. They knew each other back when they used to work for the government as part of an elite group of spies. With her past behind her, she’s more interested in running the company and having her way with Brandon.

Birdie (Roberta) is the blond haired, blue eyed girlfriend of Dewey. Since she retired from being a spy, she hasn’t done much of anything since she’s independently wealthy. Today she lives a modest life trying to recapture her innocence. While she genuinely loves Dewey, she can’t stand his roommates. Occasionally she still goes out to lunch with her friend Alexis.

Clif is one of Brandon’s friends and also a coworker. This black haired brown eyed hipster has had a crush on Brandon ever since they first met. Brandon’s aware of this, but is neither concerned nor interested. Clif is also the head of the marketing department and keeps on top of all the latest office gossip.

Newt is Brandon’s immediate boss in the IT department. While he has no idea how to troubleshoot even the simplest of computer related issues, this cocky eggheaded blond likes to march around barking orders and generally being unreasonable. If Clif is around, he usually jumps in and gives Newt a hard time for being a jerk. Newt used to be Clif’s roommate until he realized Clif was gay, and they haven’t gotten along since.

Ben is the gray haired old man who never takes off his sunglasses. He’s a retired veteran who owns a small hardware/sporting goods store. He looked after Brandon and saw to it that Brandon got an education and a decent job. Brandon doesn’t know that Ben is actually his biological father, and since everyone else who knew this secret is dead, only time will tell if Ben will reveal the real reason he cared for Brandon so much. In the meantime he keeps Tyler around as a part time employee in his store even though he rarely has any customers.

Staff Sergeant Bromite is Tyler’s NCOIC in the Army. He’s a highly decorated soldier who’s dying to go all SGT Snorkel on Tyler for being a sad sack, but he usually just does a face palm and puts him in the front leaning rest.

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