Toni Tidanse

With her auburn hair and light brown eyes, Britney Antoinette Tidanse has been going by Toni since anyone can remember.

Toni has this weird love/hate relationship with Tyler that just won’t die. The good news is that other than being his usual blockheaded self, Tyler has never been physically abusive, and she somehow seems less sullen when he’s around. The bad news is, they argue and yell at each other a lot. The prevailing theory is that they only know how to have “make up sex”, so they fight when they’re horny.

Toni isn’t known for being very bright. She’s quite superstitious, and believes what she reads in the tabloid press, which she reads while waiting for customers at her register in a low budget grocery store.

She’s a bargain shopper. She shops at drug stores, dollar stores, and other discount stores. She clips coupons like they’re going out of style, and never pays full price for anything. Unfortunately she tends buy a lot of junk she didn’t actually need or want because it was “on sale”.

Her favorite color is neon. It doesn’t matter where it falls on the spectrum, if the color is obnoxiously florescent, she loves that color. She also has a thing for purples and pinks. You could easily describe her sense of style as tacky.

With a straight face, she will tell you that she never wears makeup, in spite of the fact that you can plainly see it on her face. You don’t dare point this out to her though, because the cognitive dissonance become quite palpable.

In spite of her personality flaws, Toni is a good person. She truly tries to see the world in a positive light. She follows the golden rule and treats the people around her like she would like to be treated.

She may be a little slow, but Toni is starting to learn what it takes to get through this thing we call life… Bless her little heart.

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