Specialist Marshal Brady

Characters Specialist Marshal Brady

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SPC Brady is a rather scrawny, 20 year old white male with brown hair and brown eyes. He’s on Tyler’s team in the detachment. Don’t let his small size fool you. He scores a perfect 300 on every APFT, and can outrun anyone in the unit. He’s also exceptionally bright and knows Army hardware forwards and back. Got a problem with the SINCGARS? Brady’s your man. Need help with getting your gear squared away? Call Brady.

In his personal life, Marshal is attending classes at the local university. With all his knowledge about science, technology, math, and engineering, he’s still very naive about the ways of the world. He lacks confidence in social situations, but give him a technical manual and he’s pretty happy.

Want to get on his good side? Talk to him about tech stuff, or ask him to help you with something technical.

Want to get on his bad side? Mistake him for being a fan of science fiction, D&D, or graphic novels.

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