Private Second Class Michael Grouper

Characters Private 2nd Class Michael Grouper

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PV2 Grouper is a medium height, deceptively muscular, 20 year old male with red hair and pale blue eyes. He’s is the perfect killing machine. Grouper is a full blown sociopath who is completely devoid of feelings of fear, love, or joy, and especially lacks any sense of guilt or remorse. He excels at hand to hand combat and is an expert marksmen with any firearm. His favorite weapons are knives, and can sharpen virtually any hard substance to a razors edge. He’s also highly disciplined and good at following the orders handed down by his superiors, so they tend to overlook the fact that he is evil incarnate.

In his private life, Michael likes to engage in MMA, frequently luring the unwary into the cage matches where he proceeds to mercilessly beat them until they require hospitalization and facial reconstruction. He has a small posse of devoted followers who help to arrange these matches. They advised him to join the Army in the hopes he would get the opportunity to take human lives without facing incarceration. Believe it or not, everything he does is legal.

Want to get on his good side? There is none.

Want to get on his bad side? You’re already there.

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