Dewey Godette

Characters Dewey

Dewey Godette is Brandon’s roommate. Are they friends? Well… They get along well enough, but they don’t exactly share in each others interests. In the beginning, it was just Brandon and Dewey as the first two characters, and of course Dewey’s still with us today.

Dewey has this life long dream of becoming a world class chef. Unfortunately for him, and anyone who partakes of his culinary preparations, the results are less than palatable. Mushroom and onion smoothies, lemon chicken jello, and other gastronomical disasters seem to flow out of him like shit from a victim of dysentery. He also seems rather oblivious to his lack of talent in the art of cookery.

On a positive note, he’s got a smoking hot blonde girlfriend who thinks he’s the sweetest man on the planet. We’re still trying to figure out the attraction, but it’s obvious they really do love each other, and not just because of his freakishly large penis. (Although that probably helps.)

Dewey is currently working as an assistant manager down at the local Krappy Burger. His boss still won’t let him prepare any of the food, so it’s safe to eat there.

And what’s Dewey’s back-story?

His parents were highly successful self-made millionaires who gave birth to a brilliant daughter, and a slightly less than mediocre son. The daughter got all the attention for her academic and athletic scholarship awards, and Dewey got… Well most of the time they ignored him or told him to go play in the other room. After high school, he realized that his parents weren’t going to help out with his college tuition because they felt he should be able to manage on his own like his older sibling. Needless to say, he couldn’t and ended up answering an ad on Craigslist for a roommate to escape their disdain.

His relationship with his parents is almost non-existent now. and he rarely talks about them anymore. Occasionally he still talks to his mother, or goes to visit, but he’s more focused on his love of cooking, and his love for Roberta (aka Birdie).

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