Ben Aaron

Ben There – Done That

Although they were practically strangers, Ben had a one night stand with Brandon’s mother after sharing a few drinks in a bar. She became pregnant, but didn’t tell anyone. Ben went on to marry someone else, but heard rumors that his one night stand had got knocked up. Because Brandon’s mother never told anyone who the father was, Ben could never be 100% sure if he was the father, and since Brandon’s mother is long dead, Ben and Brandon might never know the truth.

Brandon got in trouble as a teenager, and Ben volunteered his time with the JDC. He saw to it that Brandon got back on the right track, got a good education, and even helped him get a decent job. He’s maintained a quasi-paternal relationship with Brandon ever since. While only Ben is aware that he might be Brandon’s father, the resemblance is somewhat uncanny and people who didn’t actually know them frequently assumed they were father and son.

Ben is a retired Army veteran. For a time, Ben ran a small computer store. Later he turned it into a hardware/sporting goods store. Today he’s just a retired guy who shows up in the comic from time to time.

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